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At pension4army.co.uk we have put together as much information in one easy to navigate website,you will find all the latest general news army news,army pension information plus links to third party websites with more information. We support a lot of charities and advertise them on the website,we continue to research every day to bring you the information whatever your needs.If you do enjoy using this site.if there is a paticular subject you would like us to add then please contact us webmaster@pension4army.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The idea of this website came about from Allan Dawling who served in the HM forces and found it hard to find the information he needed to claim his pension, so he set out to get this website online so with the help of Paul Oliver who is the webmaster at pension4army became a live information website,the information has taken months to collect and is still ongoing we aim to in the following months to add more infomation of interest. we hope you enjoy using the website and cotinue to support us in our quest many thanks to all who use the website.


Mr Allan Dawling(GSM/BAR)

About my army service well I joined up in 1969 and left in 1976 I started as a young soldier and my regiment was the Royal Corps of Transport then went onto P company and then into 63-para-RCT after serving with 63-para I went back to my unit Tour of Duty Hong-Kong Cyprus UN-Tour N.Ireland and other country. I was blown up whilst on duty in N.Ireland in the 70s. I was mentioned in dispatches by Major Flood of 12 SQN RCT. I left HM.Forces in 1976 and found it very difficult to settle down in civvy street. Once you leave the military it is very hard to obtain information from the MOD. I must say that help did come from the Royal British Legion.

Paul oliver

I have been involved with computers building my own machines and the internet for 10 years I am self taught web designer i work full time as a distribution manager for the subscriptions of The Financial Times,WSJE,IHT,Independent, It was Allan that had the idea for this website following The problems he had getting his pension sorted so we set this website up.

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