In the first phase of our mission we seek to deliver:

Front Line Support:

  • To support all our service personnel operating in theatre in Afghanistan.
  • To provide the much needed “home comfort“ supplies and gifts to those service personnel.
  • To promote and embrace a new initiative “Thank The Troops” to ensure our soldiers know they are not alone.

On the home-front:

  • Support groups for the families of the fallen.
  • Regional network groups.
  • Charity events so they can come together.


In each of all of these tasks, we aim to work with the military authorities to ensure the right support reaches the right people at the right time.

The second phase of our mission is to help those who have returned from Afghanistan to overcome difficulties by:

Support for the Returning Troops:

  • With the intention of providing emotional, psychological help through support groups for all returning soldiers and families of the fallen.
  • Help with vocational training, including: IT equipment, computers and printers.
  • Assisting other minor charities in their work.
  • Creating a lasting legacy in support of our operations in Afghanistan.

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