Erskine has been looking after our veterans for almost 100 years and is the leading care organisation for ex-Service men and women in Scotland.

Caring for our hero sons

The devastation of the First World War highlighted the fact that there were insufficient hospital facilities to care for those who were wounded in battle. Thanks to the generosity of the people of Scotland, the first Erskine Hospital, then The Princess Louise Scottish Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, was opened in October 1916.

Of the many thousands of British veterans who were disabled in battle, one in five was treated at Erskine.

Help for amputees

The desperate shortage of artificial limbs for amputees returning from the war was resolved by the hospital’s first great surgeon, Sir William Macewen. Recruiting skilled workers from the nearby Clydeside shipyards, the Erskine limb was soon devised and over 600 fitted. Carefully crafted much of the work was done by the patients themselves.

Further conflicts

In 1916, few could have predicted the growing need for Erskine care in the 20th century and beyond. Sadly, conflicts such as the Falklands, the Gulf, Bosnia and Iraq continued to put pressure on our facilities. Erskine needed to change to meet the needs of veterans in the future.

Changes for the new century

In April, 2000, The Princess Royal officially opened Erskine Mains Home, in the heart of the town of Erskine. With 34 beds, it heralded the completion of the first phase of ‘Erskine 2000’ a strategy to replace the existing building and take Erskine care Scotland-wide.

Following a high profile nationwide appeal for support, Prince Charles officially opened our new Erskine Home in October 2000. The new building, no longer a hospital, would be a flagship for care of the future. Located on the site of the former nursery gardens, the £16 million centre of nursing care excellence will serve us well for many years.

The Princess Royal has maintained her strong links with us, opening Erskine Edinburgh in 2001, TheErskine Park Home in 2006 and The Erskine Glasgow Home in 2007.

We are also in the process of rebuilding over 50 veteran’s cottages at Bishopton – suitable for ex-Service people and their families. We also have partnership arrangements with care homes in Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness – delivering Erskine care across Scotland.

Erskine today

Today Erskine remains committed to looking after Scotland’s ex-Service and Serving men and women for as long as the need is there. An on-going development programme is in place to ensure that we meet the needs of this brave community in the future.

Everyone at Erskine shares the sentiment expressed by Prince Charles’ during the opening ceremony over a decade ago, “I am very proud of Erskine’s strong tradition of caring.”

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