Armed forces Homeless

The JSHAO is set up to provide Service personnel and their families with information and advice on the increasingly complex range of civilian housing options. The JSHAO provides a focal point for housing information and advice to all Service personnel and their families in particular those about to return to civilian life, and to ex-Service personnel who are still in Service Families Accommodation.

Homelessness rights for ex-forces

If you are a former member of the armed forces and are homeless or threatened with homelessness, you may qualify for help from a local council. The council will have to help you with both emergency and longer-term accommodation if you are accepted as homeless and in priority need. The council must consider if it has to help you using both:

[list] [listitem icon=”star”]general rules that apply to everyone, and[/listitem] [listitem icon=”star”]special rules that apply to people who were in the forces.[/listitem] [/list]

Extra homelessness rules for the armed forces

You should also be treated as being in priority need if you can show that you are a vulnerable former member of the armed forces. When deciding this, local councils may consider:

[list] [listitem icon=”star”]how long you were in the forces and what role you had[/listitem] [listitem icon=”star”]f you spent any time in a military hospital[/listitem] [listitem icon=”star”]if you were released from service on medical grounds (and have a Medical History Release Form)[/listitem] [listitem icon=”star”]if you have had accommodation since leaving service and if you have been able to obtain or maintain accommodation since you left[/listitem] [listitem icon=”star”]how long it has been since you left service.[/listitem] [/list]


The Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services, SPACES, is designed to help single ex-regulars find appropriate accommodation when they leave the services. Through this service the project reduces the likelihood of ex-service personnel becoming homeless or sleeping rough after discharge.

SPACES is a project based within The Beacon at Catterick, North Yorkshire. It provides an accommodation placement service for single personnel being discharged from all three services. The overall aims and objectives of the project are to assist single Service Leavers to secure appropriate accommodation as they leave the Armed Forces. In so doing we will be reducing the likelihood of them becoming homeless or rough sleepers. Single service leavers can be vulnerable to homelessness as a result of a combination of factors: having no home to return to after service, little understanding of how to secure rented accommodation and current legislation, little or no experience of budgeting and setting up home. SPACES is managed by Riverside ECHG, part of the Riverside group, working with the Joint Service Housing Advice Office.